What is the importance of the Mobile User Experience?

Did you know that a 1 second delay in the loading time of a mobile site impacts 20% on the conversion rate?

Perhaps you have already heard it, but have reviewed the metrics of your website in detail, mobile navigation concentrates between 70% and 90% of your site navigation, if you discard or reject the imminent need to pay attention to this medium the most important market is being lost.

The outlook is very clear, the main brands prioritize the development of the mobile user experience and invest special attention in the design and development of this navigation device.

While it is true that there are paths for web development, not having an expert team can result in the loss of resources and even more valuable TIME. It is imperative to recognize that this is not a one-time investment over time: over time, the design and strategy may need adjustments as a result of technological advances or changes in the company, products or services.

According to an eMarketer2 report, this trend will continue to deepen and it is estimated that m-commerce or mobile commerce will double before 2023. In fact, in Latin America, this channel will be the main driver of e-commerce retail sales in 2020, somewhat to be expected in a region where the smartphone market grew faster than in the entire world. Según un informe de eMarketer 2, esta tendencia continuará profundizándose y se estima que el m-commerce o comercio móvil se duplique antes de 2023. De hecho, en Latinoamérica, este canal será el principal impulsor de las ventas minoristas de comercio electrónico en 2020, algo de esperar en una región donde el mercado de los smartphones creció más rápido que en todo el mundo

Currently, 8 out of 10 Latin Americans have a smartphone and unlock it every 5 minutes 3.

Currently, retailers have conversion rates that are substantially lower on mobile devices than on desktop.1.

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Francisco J. Gutiérrez

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