Inclusive marketing, diversity is much more than gender.

What is inclusive marketing?

Inclusive marketing is nothing more than a strategy that thinks of everything and everyone, that takes into account specific individual needs beyond gender.

It is also necessary to include age, geographical origin, socioeconomic diversity, different capacities as well as sexuality.

Learning and understanding this principle allows us to deepen the sensation of our audience, it is not filling ourselves with unreal experiences, it is about living / transmitting the truth of our environment and its application to the digital environment.

4 Essential principles:
  • Tone of the content: Simple messages that are easy to understand, with tact and vision from the perspective of your audience.
  • Language: More than creating a sentence, it is putting yourself in everyone's shoes, if a strategy understands the audience, its success will be greater.
  • Inclusion: Do not address the majority, you have to integrate various concepts, images and messages that make your audience take your brand as a piece of themselves and feel represented by your initiatives.
  • No more stereotypes: Stereotypes are the fastest way to show users that you don't understand them. Authentic characters matter, but music, family dynamics, food, costumes, and how products or services are portrayed are also important.
Francisco J. Gutierrez

In charge of the creative department of online advertising and digital marketing with more than 10 years of experience.